• Tokri Lamps Beautiful Decay
    It has been ages! It has been so long.
    It has been constantly moving ahead!
    It has gathered so much through these years!
  • Tokri Lamps Time has given its own shape to it.
    Memories have nurtured it through and through.
    How can it be anything but beautiful?
  • Tokri Lamps Glowing with history and so much detail,
    the decay has surely set in.
    A glorious life!
  • Tokri Lamps
  • Night Flower Night Flower
    Tip toe outside! The night is still. Shhhh!
    It is listening to a story. The Moon, the Stars are mum...
  • Night Flower The birds are slowly falling asleep.
    All the Night Flowers are silently glowing
    helping to weave the eternal narrative.
  • Night Flower
  • Night Flower
  • Tokri Lamps Tokri Lamps
    weaved with love. every strand of brass wire sits perfectly on the other. creating mesmerizing effects.
  • Tokri Lamps
  • Tokri Lamps
  • Tokri Lamps
  • Tokri Lamps
  • Moth Lamps Moth Lamps
    i was talking to a moth the other evening...
  • Moth Lamps ...he was trying to break into an electric light bulb and fry himself on the wires...
  • Moth Lamps ...it is better to be a part of beauty for one instant and then cease to exist than to exist forever and never be a part of beauty...
    Don Marquis
  • Moth Lamps
  • Moth Lamps
  • Feathers Lamps Feathers Lamps
    The contrast of steel and brass highlights the beautiful balance of the feathers with the form
  • Feathers Lamps
  • Feathers Lamps
  • Feathers Lamps
  • Flower Bud Lamps Flower Bud Lamps
    Hand made in brass
  • Flower Bud Lamps
  • Flower Bud Lamps
  • Origami Ceiling Lamps
    Hand made in brass
    16" x 16" x 4"

About loveform

Loveform is an art and product studio which loves to play with light.
Each piece is given its form by hand with a lot of love.
Handmade objects are distinctive and intriguing.
That is the reason we all love them and appreciate their uniqueness.

At Loveform, we dive deep into the history of Indian crafts and bring them out with a very distinctive and modern outlook.


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